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Khari Gompa


Das Dakini Netzwerk unterstützt verschiedene größere Projekte, die mit Dharma und der Realisierung von liebender Güte in Verbindung stehen. Es sind Klöster in besonders exponierten Lagen wir Solokhumbu, Sikkim und eine Klosterschule.

Wenn Sie ein oder anderes Projekt besonders anspricht, können Sie sich mit größeren oder kleineren Beträgen einbringen und damit karmische Verbindungen schaffen, die Ihnen in aller Zukunft zuträglich sein werden.

Lelung Kloster
Khari Kloster
Khari Gompa


Dakini-Netzwerk is supporting various major projects connected to Dharma and realisation of loving kindness. They are monasteries in especially exposed places such as Solokhumbu and Sikkim, a monastery school and the Maya Daya Clinic in the neighborhood of Kopan monastery and the clinic of Dechen Shaksay’s father in Tibet.

If you feel a connection to one of these projects, you can support it by bigger or smaller contributions and can create a beneficial karmic link for your future. Investiting in a spiritual project offers more chances for future benefits than any profane insurance, however high its interest may be! – In the moment of death at latest, this engagement will count more than any property that cannot be taken along anyway.

Glimpse on Khari Monastery

Decades back, a two hundred year old monastery without a trace of origin lay on the lap of Mt. Khari in Tibet in a completely dilapidated condition. Late Khari Rinpoche brought wholesome reinstatement to the monastery blessed and people called it “ Khari Monastery “making it compatible to initiate the teaching of Buddha to three hundred nuns and ten monks . By now it is three hundred years old.

In 1959 A.D. due to Chinese invasion, Late Khari Rinpoche, Lobsang Tsultrim fled from Tibet as a refugee with his several escorts through ‘Nangpala’ pass boarding Tibet and Nepal through lots of toil and trauma on the way and initially reached Carao (Nepal) where he spent two years in a tent. During his stay in Carao, with strong conviction he unveiled his generosity and compassion to reach out to all by turning the wheel of dharma. Later he planned to move to Zarao and on the way to Zarao he took rest in Dormo, a small village which turned out to be his final destination. The people of Dormo found the late Rinpoche to be a true patron for them, because of which request was made for his permanency in their village. His stay was made possible especially by Ang Pemba and Dawa Norbu who offered him a piece of land which later materialized in the form of a constructive and majestic monastery. The monastery serving the true embodiment of Budhi Satva stands out to be the centre of preaching for late Rinpoche.

During his pilgrimage to Kathmandu, late Khari Rinpoche formally sent a letter to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama regarding the name of the monastery. His Holiness instantly bestowed it with the name “Khari Ganden Tenphel Ling “. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, he took his last breath. A year later, his incarnation IInd Khari Rinpoche Tenzin Woeser could not live long and passed away at the tender age of seven

In 1986 A.D. Khari Rinpoche Tenzin Yonten, recognized as late incarnation by His Holiness, when he was in Massorie school . Later in 1985, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama granted audience and ordained to III rd Khari Rinpoche Tenzin Yonten during Kalachakra at Budhgaya , in India .Subsequently , after his ordination, he proceeded to Sera Mahayana University for further Buddhist Studies .

He made frequent visits to native monastery in Dormo, which calls for the erection. Despite its unpleasant condition, it served as the central place of studies for many buddhists who fled from Tibet. His sheer contemplation toward local people who could not even make a basic living made him emphatic to commit something worth while and equitable for the welfare of the people with every possible help. Rinpoche was bound with so many constraints he could not make it to help on the very first and subsequent sight.

In 2002, IIIrd Khari Rinpoche Tenzin Yonten was granted audience again and on that time Rinpoche placed his proposal to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama whether to construct the monastery at the very same place or somewhere else. As the present monastery was not spacious enough to accommodate to every nuns who could not avail the opportunity to study with the Chinese indulgence and invasion, fled from Tibet. Instantly His Holiness bestowed with the blessing to construct the monastery at very same place as it would be of great help in the near future.

So nuns are given education on Buddhist rituals as well as its language and modern English language has been started to teach here.